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Buffett Apprenticeship

Learn investing from the books recommended by Buffett and the like to get your investment groove going.

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How To Start A Startup

Want to learn how to start out in the world of business? This section is for you. Learn from the greats like Peter Thiel the like.

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Business Biographies

No better way than learning from the lessons of those who came before us. They have already figured it out. Learn from them.


Affordable Access to Knowledge

Empower Your Mind with Premium Summaries

Delve into the essence of groundbreaking books across a variety of genres, with a special focus on Business and Investing.

Discover our Book Summaries

Explore summaries across diverse categories



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Personal Development

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Health & Happiness

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Why Choose ReadSmart?

Affordable Access to Knowledge:

Exceptional value at a fraction of the cost compared to others. No subscriptions. No high fees. Just wisdom.

Business and Investing, and Beyond

While our heart lies in Business and Investing, our mind explores a vast library covering everything from Psychology to Philosophy, Science to Self-help.

A Taste of Insight for Free:

The first part of each book summary is available for everyone—get a glimpse of the insight without spending a penny.

Guided by Adler’s Wisdom:

Our summaries are crafted with the analytical rigor inspired by Mortimer J. Adler’s “How to Read a Book,” offering you a deeper understanding of each text.